How Online Food Companies Can Reduce Overhead Costs With Colocation Brokers

21 December 2016
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The internet and improved shipping has dramatically changed the way that people order food through the mail. Ice packs and special shipping techniques have made it possible for food companies to ship directly to customers and build an online platform that generates all types of sales. If you own an online food company, then you need online services that are fast, reliable, and can process information in an instant. Choosing a colocation service is an ideal way to run your server, but you want to try and reduce the overhead costs so that your business can remain profitable and still run properly. Read More 

5 Reasons To Implement A System That Tracks Computer Usage At Work

10 November 2015
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A network auditing system to track the activities of employees who use company computers can benefit an organization in a number of ways. In this age of technology, it is often necessary to keep a close eye on information that enters and exits the workplace via the internet. Review the following benefits of utilizing a computer auditing system in the workplace. 1. Protect Proprietary Company Information Auditing network activity data helps prevent proprietary information leaks and other potential threats. Read More 

Increase Your Chances Of Recovering Files By Keeping Your Submerged SSD Drive Damp

24 June 2015
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Solid state drives (SSDs) don't have moving parts like hard disk drives (HDDs), which makes them less likely to fail mechanically. They are still susceptible to water damage, though. If you accidently drop your laptop in water and it has an SSD, your first instinct might be to immediately dry off your computer. You should, however, keep your SSD moist until you can take it to a data recovery service. Here's why it's better to keep your SSD damp after it's submerged in water, along with how to do so. Read More 

Helping Your Senior Parent Get And Stay Online

28 April 2015
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For many years, senior citizens -- those 65 years of age and older -- were historically reluctant to use the Internet. But a 2012 Pew Research Center has shown that senior citizens are beginning to surf the Net in increasing numbers. Why is this important? Because, today, senior citizens frequently live away from their adult children and also their grandchildren. So the Internet can be an excellent tool for family members and senior citizens to stay in touch, share pictures and to keep everyone aware of important events. Read More