4 Signs You Need To Visit The Computer Repair Shop

28 June 2021
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Does your computer make a noise like it is grinding something? This is a clear sign that a visit to the computer repair technician is long overdue. Today, most computers are barely audible, purring efficiently as they work on whatever you need them to do. The computer will give you clear signs that its hardware or software needs the attention of a computer repair technician. What are the signs to look out for?

1. The Machine Won't Power On 

The most obvious sign is the computer not powering up when you hit the power switch. The first thing to check is if the power source is available. Sometimes, you forget to turn the switch on. If you have a laptop, check if the charger adapter has the light to show it is working.

If these power diagnostics fail, the next step should be heading to the computer repair shop. In a desktop computer, the most likely problem would be a blown power unit. For a laptop, the charger adapter could also blow, or the problem could be with the battery system. The computer technician will confirm with a power test.

2. F-type Errors Appear on Booting Up

Before the operating system comes up, the firmware boots up. This is the program that comes with the hardware from the factory. The booting process in today's computers is too fast to notice. However, there is a problem if the screen stays black with an error starting with an F. 

Firmware problems are problematic to diagnose for the ordinary computer owner. You need a computer repair technician who knows how to boot into the firmware and diagnose the problem.

3. Suddenly Freezing and Restarting 

Does your computer freeze and then restart suddenly? This problem usually comes up when incompatible software is installed. It crashes with the base operating system, leading to this malfunction. The computer repair technician will try to find out the last program you installed and remove it. But the process is harder if you have set up auto updates, in which case the computer will install and update software in the background. The technician can check the logs for problems. 

4. The Mouse Moves on Its Own

It has become very easy for hackers to take over your computer if you haven't taken steps to secure it. If the computer performs actions like moving the mouse on its own or starting a program without you clicking on anything, you've likely been hacked. The computer repair technician will remove any malware from the computer and install updated security software. 

Is your computer behaving unexpectedly, is it too slow and is it making strange noises? Visit a computer services shop for computer repair.