Considering A New ISP? 3 Questions To Ask

11 October 2019
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Whether you work from home, stream movies and music, or play games online, the internet is most likely an imperative part of your home and everyday life. Unfortunately, finding an internet service provider suited to your browsing and downloading needs and budget can be challenging if you are not sure what to look for. With this guide, you will learn a few key questions to ask when considering a new ISP, or internet service provider.

What Speeds Do You Guarantee?

Most people are surprised to learn that different internet providers offer different speeds. These speeds represent how quickly and how effectively you can upload, stream, and download when using the internet.

If you and other members of the household use the internet for basic browsing, sending emails, and visiting social media sites, 1 MBPS would be sufficient. For gaming online or video conferencing, you may want to consider between 1 and 4 MBPS.

For households who want to stream videos, whether regular or high definition, opt for an even higher MBPS. Somewhere between 3 and 8 MBPS is recommended. If you need to upload or download large files frequently, you may want to upgrade to 50 MBPS or higher. Having this higher MBPS would be even more important if you work from home.

What Type of Security Is Offered?

A great deal of personal and professional information is stored on your computers and mobile devices. In addition, this information is shared via the internet when sending emails, making purchases, or even checking your bank and credit accounts. Making sure your ISP offers the best security possible is essential.

Ask which measures the internet provider takes to protect your personal and professional information. The right internet provider will help monitor your service, determining if you are at risk of a cyber attack or stolen information. In addition, they will have the tools in place to restore your internet service back to a safe and functional state.

What Does Unlimited Really Mean?

When shopping for an internet provider, you may see numerous companies offering unlimited service. Unfortunately, unlimited does not always mean there are no restrictions or limitations.

In reality, many internet providers put limits on how much downloading you can do or how much speed you can be offered in a specific coverage period. If you go over these limits, you may be penalized with costly fees.

Before deciding on one ISP, make sure to read the fine print and understand if their service is really unlimited.

Keep these factors in mind as you contact local high speed internet providers