What Is Site Performance Reporting And Why Is It Important?

5 May 2019
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When you have a website, you want it to perform well. The goal is to get a lot of traffic and to keep visitors on your site for lengthy periods. If they are staying on your site for more than just a few minutes, you have a greater chance of getting individuals to sign up for your newsletter or even purchase products that you sell. However, you need to have a running website that functions properly. If it runs too slow and the pages take forever to load, no one is going to want to spend much time on your site, which is why site performance reporting tools are available.

What Does the Tool Do?

The site performance reporting tool will tell you how fast your site is loading. It will let you know exactly what could be keeping your pages from loading as quickly as you would like them to as a way for you to enhance the experience for those who go to your site. For example, you may have too many images and videos on one page. The size of those images and videos could potentially slow things down on your site, causing a delay that would prevent people from seeing things pop up right away when visiting different pages on your site. Removing some of those images and videos or moving them over to other pages could help with the slow loading times.

Why Should You Use a Site Performance Reporting Tool?

Page loading speed is more important than you probably realize. When you visit a site, you expect it to load quickly. If nothing pops up within the first few seconds of visiting that site, you would probably exit out and visit another site simply because you were tired of waiting and were feeling frustrated at how slow things were loading for you. The same thing would happen with people that were visiting your website. You could lose out on traffic and views if your site does not load fast enough. Using a site performance reporting tool is a great way to keep things in check while monitoring how well your website is performing overall.

Use a site performance reporting tool to keep a close eye on your site's performance. The goal is to provide a site that looks professional, offers a lot of useful information to people who visit it, and loads quickly enough to keep people browsing around to see what you are selling or what you are talking about when you are posting different types of content.

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