4 Faqs Regarding Cyber Security Careers

6 March 2018
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Technology, information technology and many other similar fields are becoming more and more popular as technology advances. As internet use grows, cyber security becomes an incredibly important concern for private citizens, businesses and even the government. If you are considering a job in cyber security, check out these four frequently asked questions regarding cyber security careers to see if one is right for you.

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is everything a company does to protect against cyber threats, such as hackers. The biggest reason to protect against cyber-attacks is to protect personal information, especially the information of employees and customers. These are more common in large stores or online shops because the hackers want the customer's private information.

However, there are other cyber threats that may affect larger businesses or government agencies. One such example is cyberterrorism, which uses cyber-attacks to further some kind of agenda (political, ideological, etc.). These attacks are more about messing up the system than sealing personal information. In some cases, however, they may release some private information if it helps prove their agenda. Cyberespionage is also used by businesses and governments to steal secret information from competitors or enemies.

What Does a Cyber Security Specialist Do?

A cyber security specialist is in charge of keeping the system infrastructure safe. This includes identifying and correcting any threats or weaknesses in the system or firewall to protect against attacks. Other tasks include finding malware, blocking phishing, stopping viruses and many others.

A cyber security specialist also is in charge of making sure employees only have access to information they need. For example, a provider relations employee at an insurance agency doesn't need to know patient personal identification information, but a claims processer does need to know. Therefore, a cyber specialist must be able to correctly prevent different employees from accessing certain areas of the same system.

What Education Is Required?

It's easiest to become a cyber security specialist if you have at least a bachelor's degree in a computer-related field, but getting advanced degrees will extend your job offers and paygrade. On average, however, a cyber security specialist makes about $90,000 a year. Most companies do not require cyber security specialists to have certificates, but government agencies may require some security clearance.

As technology advances, you will likely need to take continuing courses or training seminars to learn new skills or information. You may need to work in a related field to gain experience before a company will hire you as a security specialist.

What Is the Job Outlook for Cyber Security?

Every single business that is connected to the internet or has an internal network needs cyber security. This includes private businesses and government agencies. This means the job outlook for cyber security specialists is faster than average because there are so many jobs to fill. Because nearly every business needs someone skilled in cyber security, it makes it a flexible field too.

You can likely find a work schedule to meet your needs, such as part-time, swing, nights, etc. You can even find ones that allow you to work from home. Last, no matter where you move, you'll always find businesses that need cyber security. Similarly, you shouldn't have to relocate to find a great job.

Cyber security is a growing field because just about every business relies on it to protect business and customer information. If you are looking for a great career, you should consider information security for its many benefits such as excellent pay. If you would like more information regarding cyber security careers, contact an online computer careers school today.