3 Tips For Creating A Lucrative App

19 September 2017
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Earning revenue from an app is often a good investment if you have an idea that will generate significant interest or solve a problem. There are several ways to give yourself the best chance at creating a successful app.

Study Your Niche

Although games are among the most popular apps, you may want to consider developing an app that solves a problem or at least provides a better solution than what current apps can do. For example, maybe you want to create an app that is geared toward freelancers to help them better organize their clients, projects, and payments. What would make this attractive is that there may be few or no apps currently available that meet all these needs, and conventional bookkeeping software can be expensive for small businesses, while not always having the right features.

Once you are set on a niche, it is easier to scope out the competition. You likely want to download other apps and try them to see what is working and what can be improved through your new app.

Consider Your Platform

You will likely select a single platform to launch your app and see how it performs before expanding. This will reduce your upfront time and money investment while giving you an opportunity to receive feedback from users. When app developers choose a single platform, their options are typically either iOS or Android. Both platforms have their benefits and drawbacks, especially when you can only choose one.

Although Android tends to be more popular, you likely want to base your decision on other demographic characteristics. For example, devices running iOS are typically more expensive and may have users who are willing to spend more money on apps and in-app purchases. Additionally, app development in iOS is usually easier on the programming side because there are fewer versions of iOS than Android.

Be Strategic About Monetization

Many app developers create a free, limited version of their app containing ads. The second version of their app will offer advanced features, no ads, and requires a small upfront payment. This tactic allows users who may not be ready to commit to a purchase an opportunity to use the app before making a decision if they will buy the full version. Additionally, if your free app is well-received, users are likely to pay a few dollars to remove ads.

Using ads is a balancing act. Depending on the type of app, you want ads that are visible enough so users want to pay for their removal or, in the case of games, are willing to interact with the ad for virtual currency. On the other hand, ads cannot be so intrusive that users will promptly delete the app and find comparable options. The Coalition for Better Ads provides useful information on the types of ads that are more likely to leave users frustrated.

Developing an app and integrating user feedback could potentially lead to a successful business or secondary income opportunity. For more information, ideas, and tips, contact professional app developers and software engineers to help you in your project.